Self Limiting Beliefs From the Dungeon

Monsters Under The Bed
Monsters Under The Bed

Self-limiting beliefs lurk in the deeper recesses of all of our psychological dungeons. We may not know they are there until we are asked, or demand of ourselves, to do something outside of our normal field of action. Then we get to see, feel is more like it, those lurkers in all their nasty glory, triggered by the pain and fear of stepping into the unknown. In particular I have experienced learning  internet marketing to be extremely demanding of true personal growth.

The challenges presented forging into the unknown territory of internet marketing seem to have an uncanny ability to hit right at the core of the most deeply embedded beliefs about life,  the nature of reality and my ability to effect changes with my efforts. No other thing I have done in years has had such power to trigger more “I could just quit,” or “This isn’t working,” or “I don’t have what it takes” thoughts and feelings. Or the most devious one, “It’s just not meant to be.”

I know at a foundation level I have the choice not to act on those thoughts. I can choose to just observe them, understand they have been dredged up from my subconscious by the demands I am placing on  myself, and keep on doing what I committed to do…succeed!

My remedy for these destructive thoughts is spending focused time weekly with those who have already walked this journey and overcome their own negative, self-limiting beliefs. A person I give thanks for is Tony Robbins, a teacher with great compassion.

Tony Robbins’ work has been consistent and powerful throughout all the years he has blessed us with his energy. I remember back when he first started showing up, he was ridiculed by some as unrealistically positive. But as the years have progressed, along with our understanding of how our thoughts impact our reality, he stands the test of time. If you have not yet met him, I highly recommend you do. You will be enriched for it.

Tony offers a Free Personal Strengths Assessment Test on his website, which can provide us with practical information for taking steps to dismantling these self limiting beliefs, and replacing them with new, more constructive ones. Understanding where we are strong and where our self limiting beliefs stop us is vital to our goals.

The only way we can fail is if we quit, and stay quit. And those little imps of negative thought will keep popping up to whisper in our ears that this is taking too long, or who am I to think I can do a great thing, or be realistic – the world is falling down around us.  So, thank those imps for sharing, refocus, and keep going.

And when we stumble to the ground, Tony and people like him are there with their cheering and clear thinking. They help us come to our senses and make the powerful, life affirming choices to push through the pain, the fatigue, the disappointment…and that is the measure of success!

6 thoughts on “Self Limiting Beliefs From the Dungeon

  1. Hi Carolyn,

    Very well said. I absolutely love Tony Robbin’s. He’s one of my favorites and is definitely the “why” guy. I believe this is such a powerful video because it’s so important to understand that it takes all 3 pillars with the 3rd, to me, being the most difficult. Not so much identifying them but understanding the why behind it.

    Thanks so much for sharing the video as well as the assessment tool. Make it a Great Day! Laura

  2. I literally burst out laughing when he said, “I focus all the time on how fat I am” haha!

    It’s true though, if you focus on the problems you’ll get more of them, if you focus on solutions, you’ll find more of them.

    Thanks for the video Carolyn!

  3. Great post mom, I know we all forget to direct ourselves sometimes and we pay the price. Some of us though, do use what we pay for to benefit ourselves in the long run instead of holding on to disappointment which holds us back!

  4. I like how he refers to it as getting a map. It was explained to me that if you are in alignment with what you want then the limiting beliefs will disappear as they no longer serve you. Thanks for putting this together for us. Tony Robbins is amazing.

  5. Carolyn, thank you for this post about the true measure of success. I find it to be a treasure. I like how your post is crystal clear and focused on “Internet Marketing – A Path to Personal Growth” (your blog headline). You have tapped into the experience and wisdom of others and here you’re sharing your own. You’re in good company and I am glad to have you as one of my guides who get it. Leading me to Tony Robbins’ website, I find a great quote, a treasure: “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” —Lao Tzu

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