Transitions And The Ascension

Transitions and the Ascension | Carolyn Blake
Transitions and the Ascension

Transitions are inevitable and come to all of us whether we plan them, want them, or expect them. When I first started this blog its purpose was to support my online business efforts. And it did that beautifully. I met and shared with many wonderful, like-minded people, who as I did, chose to join the online business community. That was over 2 years ago.

As those 2 plus years have passed, doing business online and the requirements for running a blog have evolved dramatically. Social media…people sharing what they care about and find relevant…has become the main activity online.

Google have become powerful beyond anyone’s expectations, and they are definitely running the show for now. And Google have focused more and more on the social aspects of how people engage with the internet. And this is not a bad thing.

Like nearly everyone, I went with the flow of an internet life that focuses on the social aspects, serendipitous for my own personal enrichment. I have met and befriended people all over the world, people whom I would never have had a chance of ever finding without the internet at my finger tips. And slowly and surely, just as in offline life, we have gathered together in groups which share paths.

For me, those paths are richly informed by the various expressions of the growing awakening occurring world-wide. This shift in consciousness is popularly referred to as The Ascension. All of the amassing evidence of this Shift in consciousness is what now captures my heart, hopes, and imagination.

I discover that it is becoming more and more personally relevant and empowering to think about, discuss and explore these miraculous events, hopes, thoughts, and startling possibilities.

So I want to let all my readers know that the theme of my posts will shift. (Just like us! ūüėÄ )¬†I will be musing about, exploring, posting my finds, with the aim to collect a coherent body of knowledge and thought on what is moving in the consciousness of human kind these amazing days. My deepest gratitude and thanks to all of my readers.

I hope you will enjoy what is to come.

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Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book | Carolyn Blake | Jo Tempest
Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book

Creepy Crawly Kids Spider Book

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Cambridge Declaration On Consciousness | Our Little Siblings

Horse Cooling Down | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Horse Cooling Down

On July 7, 2012, a group of scientists formally published the Cambridge Declaration On Consciousness, supporting something those of us who have been blessed by dogs, or cats, or birds, or any animal companions have always known.

These precious beings are aware and having lives just as intense and treasured by them as ours are by us.  (And let us not be Homo Sapiens chauvinists and confuse consciousness with intelligence or tool making capabilities.)

Protective Bird | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Protective Bird


I see this Declaration as concrete evidence of a huge leap forward in our own evolving and expanding consciousness, and of our awakening awareness of our living Universe.

No longer can we dismiss the crying of a hurt animal as the sounds of a broken machine, as was commonly thought in the Middle Ages. The love they give us and each other is as real, deep, true and healing, as is that we give to and receive from our fellow human beings.


Helping The Poor | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Helping The Poor


The next leap forward will be the understanding that every living being is embued with Soul, that essence of the Creator which imparts the spark of life. When this reality comes upon us, it will bring joy and reunion with our little siblings. 


Loving Service | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Loving Service



This is a substantial document, but it deserves to be known, so at the risk of waxing academic, I am publishing it here in its entirety. Welcome to the new world, where everything is alive! Welcome to The Ascension!

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness*

On this day of July 7, 2012, a prominent international group of cognitive neuroscientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists and computational neuroscientists gathered at The University of Cambridge to reassess the neurobiological substrates of conscious experience and related behaviors in human and non-human animals. While comparative research on this topic is naturally hampered by the inability of non-human animals, and often humans, to clearly and readily communicate about their internal states, the following observations can be stated unequivocally:


Princess and Orphaned Squirrels | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Princess and Orphaned Squirrels

Ôā∑ The field of Consciousness research is rapidly evolving. Abundant new techniques and strategies¬†for human and non-human animal research have been developed. Consequently, more data is¬†becoming readily available, and this calls for a periodic reevaluation of previously held¬†preconceptions in this field. Studies of non-human animals have shown that homologous brain¬†circuits correlated with conscious experience and perception can be selectively facilitated and¬†disrupted to assess whether they are in fact necessary for those experiences. Moreover, in¬†humans, new non-invasive techniques are readily available to survey the correlates of consciousness.¬†


Koko and Her Cat All Ball
Koko and Her Cat All Ball

Ôā∑ The neural substrates of emotions do not appear to be confined to cortical structures. In fact,¬†subcortical neural networks aroused during affective states in humans are also critically¬†important for generating emotional behaviors in animals. Artificial arousal of the same brain¬†regions generates corresponding behavior and feeling states in both humans and non-human¬†animals. Wherever in the brain one evokes instinctual emotional behaviors in non-human¬†animals, many of the ensuing behaviors are consistent with experienced feeling states, including¬†those internal states that are rewarding and punishing. Deep brain stimulation of these systems¬†in humans can also generate similar affective states. Systems associated with affect are¬†concentrated in subcortical regions where neural homologies abound. Young human and nonhuman¬†animals without neocortices retain these brain-mind functions. Furthermore, neural¬†circuits supporting behavioral/electrophysiological states of attentiveness, sleep and decision¬†making appear to have arisen in evolution as early as the invertebrate radiation, being evident in¬†insects and cephalopod mollusks (e.g., octopus).


Grieving Bird | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Grieving Bird

Ôā∑ Birds appear to offer, in their behavior, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy a striking case of
parallel evolution of consciousness. Evidence of near human-like levels of consciousness has been most  dramatically observed in African grey parrots. Mammalian and avian emotional networks and cognitive microcircuitries appear to be far more homologous than previously thought. Moreover, certain species of birds have been found to exhibit neural sleep patterns similar to those of mammals, including REM sleep and, as was demonstrated in zebra finches, neurophysiological patterns, previously thought to require a mammalian neocortex. Magpies in particular have been shown to exhibit striking similarities to humans, great apes, dolphins, and elephants in studies of mirror self-recognition.


Loving Bath | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Loving Bath

Ôā∑ In humans, the effect of certain hallucinogens appears to be associated with a disruption in¬†cortical feedforward and feedback processing. Pharmacological interventions in non-human¬†animals with compounds known to affect conscious behavior in humans can lead to similar¬†perturbations in behavior in non-human animals. In humans, there is evidence to suggest that¬†awareness is correlated with cortical activity, which does not exclude possible contributions by¬†subcortical or early cortical processing, as in visual awareness. Evidence that human and nonhuman¬†animal emotional feelings arise from homologous subcortical brain networks provide¬†compelling evidence for evolutionarily shared primal affective qualia.

We declare the following: “The absence of a neocortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states. Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the
neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with¬†the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviors. Consequently, the weight of evidence indicates that¬†humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness. Nonhuman¬†animals, including all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses, also¬†possess these neurological substrates.‚ÄĚ


Hippo and Tortoise | Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
130 Year Old Mzee and Owen After Tsunami

* The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness was written by Philip Low and edited by Jaak Panksepp, Diana Reiss, David Edelman, Bruno Van Swinderen, Philip Low and Christof Koch.

The Declaration was publicly proclaimed in Cambridge, UK, on July 7, 2012, at the Francis Crick Memorial Conference on Consciousness in Human and non-Human Animals, at Churchill College, University of Cambridge, by Low, Edelman and Koch. The Declaration was signed by the conference participants that very evening, in the presence of Stephen Hawking, in the Balfour Room at the Hotel du Vin in Cambridge, UK. The signing ceremony was memorialized by CBS 60 Minutes

Angels in Moldova

An Orthodox Angel | Meet Carolyn Blake
An Orthodox Angel

There is a lot of speculation about angels: do they exist, what do they look like, how can we recognize them, and what is it like to encounter one? I cannot say I have ever seen any apparition that appeared supernatural.

But I do believe certain people are guided to be servants of loving mercy and rescue, and can appear in times of emergency with just the saving help that is needed in the moment.

When this happens to me, I experience an angel presence in such an interchange,  a force of loving intervention, coming through the person giving it, as a saving grace that reminds me I am loved, and worthy of that love.

I have just returned from a visit to Chisinau, the beautiful capital city of Moldova, which I’ve had

Map Of Moldova | Meet Carolyn Blake
Map Of Moldova

the good fortune to visit many times. This visit was unique because I went there with the added blessing of meeting a new friend.

As most of my readers know, I am an American living in Romania. Sadly, as has happened over much of the world, it has become a very stringent process to obtain long term visas. As an American, I can stay in Romania for 90 days, then I must leave for 90 days, and then I can return for another 90 day stay.  Exhausting!

So I decided I would try to find a way to stay in the neighboring country of Moldova for my next 90 days out. It is very much akin to Romania in its language and culture, and only a few hours away from my home here in Romania.

Through a series of communications with the English speaking community there I connected with an absolutely wonderful Moldovan lady, who generously offered to help. So off I went to meet this lady, and take a 2 day vacation in Chisinau. 

Chisinau Train Station
Chisinau Train Station

Getting there proved to be a stressful “adventure!” I was to hop a bus here in my hometown to get to the next city of Iasi, and there take a second bus straight through to Chisinau, a total trip of a half day. It did not go as planned! The bus never arrived here, so after some panicked searching I did find another one and arrived in Iasi in time. But that bus never arrived either!

Fortunately the train station was just across the street. Turns out there was a sleeper train coming through at 3 AM and I was lucky to get the last ticket. I went to a movie to pass the time (Total Recall ūüėÄ )¬†and at last boarded the train, and got some desperately needed sleep.



Chisinau At Night | Meet Carolyn Blake
Chisinau At Night

Chisinau is a cosmopolitan, vibrant city, sophisticated and eclectic, where they speak English,

Sun City Mall | Meet Carolyn Blake
Sun City Mall

Romanian and Russian. Though limited by my English, I am still able to navigate quite well. My first discovery was that I had left my cell phone behind! So my first stop was a net cafe at the wonderful Sun City Mall to email my new friend I had arrived.

There I met my first Moldovan angel, the manager of the net cafe. When I asked him how I could find a public phone, he immediately offered me his cell phone and I was able to call my friend.

My Hotel In Chisinau | Meet Carolyn Blake
My Hotel In Chisinau

My hotel was a few blocks away and when I started asking directions, I met my second angel. This kind gentleman didn’t just give me directions, he walked with me several blocks to be sure I got there. Settled in, unpacked, and refreshed with a bath, I set out to meet my new friend at a coffee shop.

Angel number three!

Very occasionally you meet someone who is so kind, so open, so at peace, that just their presence in your life is a good medicine. I knew the moment I met this lovely person, I would be the better for it. She could not have been more accommodating, more friendly, welcoming and helpful. Within the span of the time it took us finish our drinks, she solved my problem, and I acquired a safe and comfortable place to spend my 90 days in Chisinau.


She invited me into her home meet her wonderful family, who likewise treated

All Saints Church Chisinau | Meet Carolyn Blake
All Saints Church Chisinau

me with such kindness and welcome, that all the distress I had had suffered for worry about my time out of Romania, was totally erased. Sometimes my prayers are for loving people who walk in the light to be sent into my life. In this case, I am certain that prayer was answered in abundance.

Trolleybus in Chisinau | Meet Carolyn Blake
Trolleybus in Chisinau










Andys Pizza Chisinau | Meet Carolyn Blake
Andys Pizza Chisinau

I spent one more peaceful day in Chisinau, where¬†I had some of the best pizza I have ever eaten, twice! And I got an even better feel for this¬†sophisticated¬†city. I made my return to Romania on another sleeper train. What a luxury to stretch out on clean sheets and sleep all the way home…and for less than $20!

As it turns out, I got a huge and unexpected surprise the night I got home – a miracle phone call telling me I will not need to return to Moldova right away, because a door has suddenly opened for me here in Romania to obtain a year stay permit.

So I am beginning that paperwork now. But the loving kindness this servant of the Lord gave to me, healed a frightening distress and reminded me that the world can be a safe and loving place. And I have a new friend!

Growing Toward

Crone - Charles Frizzell
Crone – Charles Frizzell

A clarity of thought and feeling comes upon me these days regarding what has become, of it’s own volition, the transition into a new stage of life. Today I turn 65. In the last few years, the physical evidence of aging has grown impossible to deny.

I remember one day catching sight of my forearm turning, and seeing for the first time, tiny crepey wrinkles across my arm, just like the ones my beloved grandmother had. In that moment, I suffered a rush of fear. Losing my youth, in my culture, meant losing my “voice,” my beauty, my social relevance, and even my significance.

I faced the truly horrible fate that befalls so many women, becoming a “cute” old lady.¬† I immediately went on a nutritional crash program, detoxing and loading with every anti-aging nutrient I could find. To no avail.

My skin stubbornly refused to return to its earlier days, becoming instead thin and delicate, not the resilient stuff I remember from when I was a woman beset with the rigorous demands of childbirth. And my hair continued to do its part by growing white. Time was marking me with its inexorable advance.

Grasping at last the futility of resisting the irresistible forces of life, I surrendered. If our great sun could not escape the cycle of time, how, or even more importantly, WHY, should I?

Certain there was some hidden goodness to be found, I made an effort to get outside of my youth worshiping culture and seek the cloaked miracle. In the last few months I have found it. Slowly I enjoy a growing insight into the goodness of this natural event.

I remember the great love I had for my grandmother. Like me she was a tiny, round woman. Her arms and lap were warm pillows and her love, and wisdom, and steadfast faith in Jesus were a fence around my troubled life. Though immaculate and neat as the proverbial pin, she was not concerned with how she “looked,” or if she was retaining her youth, or Lord help us! her sex appeal! I want so much to be a “pillow” for my precious grandchildren, and a fence of faith against their troubles too.

Now certainly a tip of the hat to any one who is able retain their youth. But it’s eventually only temporary. Then what? Mourning?¬† I have decided I am not only comfortable with the approach of¬† “old age,”¬† I welcome it. There is no way to barricade ourselves from this natural event, and I believe with every ounce of my being that a loving and benign Intelligence is behind all the rhythms of life.¬† So it behooves me to rise above the cultural chatter and find the empowering Truth we have lost to our ever-intensifying obsession with youth.

There is a great freedom in being liberated from the fevers of my youth…thanks to God they are behind me now! What is available to me of late, such as never before, is a fresh strength of focus within my spiritual life. As I prepare to enter the last laps of my journey, I fly fast now, unfettered by the turbulent emotions of my younger days. Relief and release emerge, endowing me with purpose I’ve not been free to know before.

My body is getting older, wearing out, while I, who resides therein, am becoming acquainted with the gifts of wisdom, loving detachment, and focus. I figure the Good God may grant me at most another 15 to 20 years. A legacy I hope to leave my children and grandchildren is observing the grace that flows from embracing each stage of life. When the fires that burned in youth cool, something is revealed in the quiet backdrop, a surprising experience of Self.  I discover with delight, I truly suffer no desire to live past than my allotted 4 score and 10.