Once Again, Words From The Incomparable Clown For Love, Patch Adams

I subscribe to Patch Adams’ Gesundheit Institute’s newsletter and I strongly urge you to do so too. In the world painted for us by a co-opted media, a media driven by a system of politics and economics capitalizing on fear, it is vital to our well being to regularly cross paths with joyful humans. It is all too easy to slide in to that place where we have been convinced by the prophets of doom that the world and humanity have become hardly worth saving. There are some powerful angels out there, pouring heart and soul into keeping the light alive, and doing a fine job of it. Patch Adams is a shining example of what is best about human beings.

In this article on his blog,

Friendship is the Best Medicine

you can read about Patch’s ideas about expanding love, and his very excellent assessment of depression, and his ideas about the dangers of loneliness.

Here are some excerpts:

Wed, 02/08/2012 – 16:05 — Patch

When I see all the horrors and suffering in the world, I know it can be different. I know the solutions are nested in radiant loving. I’ve asked hundreds of thousands of people at audiences in 70 countries in 28 years if there was anything more important in their lives than loving. No more than 10 have raised their hands.

Around the world I find loneliness to be the worst experience patients (people) can have. I am convinced that depression is never an illness but rather a symptom of loneliness… The way I discover if a person has a friend is if they are free of depression. I define friend as that person who, if you are actively thinking of them, you can’t be depressed.

Read the rest here, and do your broken heart a favor and sign up for his newsletter. And note the name of the person who took the photo on the page… Photo by Atomic Zagnut Adams. Got to LOVE these people!!!




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