Hello from Romania! First published 12-29-09

This is one of several posts I am moving here from my old blog on blogger.com. I want to collect them all in one place to document my growth and healing as I have delved into learning the skills of network marketing.

Hello from Romania! I am here now with my beloved adopted family. We are enduring the grueling winter with  an abundance of heart and determination. I have embarked upon the task of learning all I can about online network marketing and then passing it on to others. My teachers are the very top in the field, and with their help, I am bringing my dreams to reality…assisting my Romanian spiritual sons to get the opportunities they and all deserve to get a good start in life. How does a retired grandmother, on a fixed income, take on a new family? With a lot of prayer and faith, and the help of others willing to share how they created new life, new wealth and new well-being for themselves. We can all work together, help each other, to forge the connections and resources to bring our dreams to fruition. To my amazing son David…We are on our way!

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