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For All Horror Movie Nuts
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I just discovered a most excellent website and I am spending a LOT of time there, and having just a little too much fun, when I should be working. This site is called Best Horror Movies, and has been created and managed with love, care, and honor for the genre of Horror and SciFi Horror Films. The creator is apparently someone named Donald, who seems to hang out in the background.

One feature I especially love is the Ask A Horror Movie QuestionYou know that creepy horror movie you saw when you were a kid that you just can’t forget? And it scared the pants off of you? And all you can remember is that there was this vampire with blue teeth who could teleport? Well, here you can post that description and some horror movie expert fan will come back with an answer for your post telling you what it is.

I tracked down some very obscure movies from my past this way, including the very B, very low budget treasure “Equinox.” It is amazing the stuff people know! Or maybe even more amazing that some of us spend 30 years trying to find an old movie.  😉

And what is even more fun is when someone asks, “There was this movie, and there were these giant spiders, and this cheesy rock and roll music and that’s all I remember.” And I start jumping up and down with excitement because, “Oh! Oh! I know, I know! I know what it is!” And then I can post, “I got that one! It’s “Earth vs. The Spider,” from 1958! And this is the IMDB description…” Now that’s satisfaction! 

Here are some direct quotes:

“Looking for the title of a late ’50s or early ’60s movie with little brains with pinchers attached.”

Or, “There’s a movie where a person goes down to the basement, turns on the light (pulls chain), and a bigfoot-type monster is down there.”

Or, “I remember being terrified as a little kid by a ’50s movie where a group of little bald people are in an attic. Any idea what I’m remembering?”

Hard to resist, no?

And, be still my beating heart…there is a forum! The Ossuary is populated with Horror Movie aficionados just as bonkers about this subject as I am. Their knowledge and love of this genre is prodigious, positively stunning. I have decided to put a banner for Best Horror Movies in the footer of my blog, because this site absolutely deserves attention. Check it out, and be prepared to lose a few hours. You won’t regret it.

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