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One Year Lived – Review And Giveaway

One Year Lived Adam Shepard
One Year Lived

Recently I was given the opportunity to read and review Adam Shepard’s new book. One Year Lived. I am so very glad I got the chance to take Shepard’s remarkable journey with him. Leave a comment on this article and I will send you your own copy for free.

One Year Lived is Adam’s second book, the first being Scratch Beginnings, wherein he chronicles his attempt to live the American Dream, starting out with $25, some camping equipment, and being dropped somewhere unfamiliar in the US.

His goal was to give himself 365 days to end up integrated back into society, have $2500 in savings, a furnished apartment, and a working car – and all without turning to his college education, his credit, or his friends. He pulled it off in ten months.

So Shepard is no stranger to striking out on his own, relying only on his wits. One Year Lived is a recounting of how he made his decision and plan to see the world, saved the money, and chose his destinations. His first stop was in Central America to work with kids as a volunteer teacher. Through most of his journey he is a sort of one-man Peace Corp. During his travels he passes through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Australia, The Philippines, Spain, Auschwitz, and Poland.

Along the way he teaches kids, fights a bull and escapes, swims in various oceans, digs ditches, gets cheated, climbs pyramids, takes scary bus rides through the jungle, works on a ranch in the Outback, luxuriates in a spa, goes dancing, attends the most important boxing match of all time, witnesses the most beautiful sunset of his life, and meets THE girl.

But what really rendered this book into such a moving and visceral experience for me, was Shepard’s raw honesty about his painful insights and personal growth, his peak moments of happiness, great achievements, and the terrible mistakes he made with people along the way. It was poignant, yet refreshing to be so intimately present in his moments of self doubt, regret, and realization, as well as joyful to share his great moments. He is fearless in his courage to reveal the inner journey he took during this year. At no point does he try to look good, only human.

I highly recommend One Year Lived. I myself have lived away from my home now for fiveyears, hopefully doing some good along the way, and hopefully growing toward a being a better human being. So I resonated with much of what he wrote, especially the eye opening experiences of seeing your own home from a far perspective, and rubbing elbows with so many who see and do things differently.

If you would like to read One Year Lived for free, Adam Shepard has given me permission to give it away by download to anyone who leaves a comment on this post.

After you leave your comment on this post, then send me an emailĀ  at and put in ALL CAPITALS in the subject, ONE YEAR LIVED. Put your email address in the body and I will send you your free copy of One Year Lived, By Adam Shepard