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Female Cross-Dressers – True Stories of Deception, Daring, And Drama

Female Cross-Dressers - Jo Tempest
Female Cross-Dressers

Female Cross-Dressers ~ True Stories of Deception, Daring, And Drama, is the third book in the Bad Girls Series – Real Tales of Women Who Broke The Rules, by Jo Tempest. Girl Power Magic Publications is a collaboration between Jo Tempest and me. She authors all the books, and then I format them for e-readers, supply the images, and get them published. We are having a lot of fun, learning about some totally incredible women, and getting to work a little Girl Power magic together.

We are announcing the release on Amazon for Kindle  Female Cross-Dressers, third in what promises to be an extensive series. This collection of real stories follows the lives of thirteen women who were forced to the extreme measure of dressing and living as men to be allowed to follow their dreams.

In Jo Tempest’s words:

“For a few, it was just a small part of their lives and then they reverted back to being a female. But for others, from the moment of setting out on their choice of a career, they took on the persona of a male and stayed with it until their deaths. They even tried to stop the discovery at the times of their deaths but were thwarted, which is why you can now read about these incredibly brave women.

Some of them experienced extreme stress from leading a life in disguise, and this often led to ill health or mental problems, and all just because they were born as a female in a male-dominated world.

In this day and age, it seems incredible that a woman could be stopped from doing something as simple as performing as a jazz musician, but that was the case just late last century. Women were stopped from becoming a doctor and instead expected to settle for the role of a nurse. It wasn’t a case of not having the academic qualities, rather it was because the profession of doctor was reserved for men only.

And of course, all these women acting in the roles of men felt they had to do a better job in their chosen career than their male counterparts, and often did! How easy their lives would have been if they had only been born a century or so later. They broke the rules so in the future, women would not be barred from following their hearts, their passion, and their dreams.” – Jo Tempest

Every time I edit one of these books about these so called “Bad Girls,” I come away in awe of their courage and their sacrifices. These startling women are unsung heroes for sure. Every story is based only on facts that have been verified. You may come away wanting more, but Jo has been meticulous to avoid writing in any elements of legend or hearsay. Because these women led such secretive lives, they left us wanting to know more than the sometimes minimal history remaining after they were gone.

There are more books in Jo’s Bad Girls Series available on Amazon for Kindle, ebook readers, and Cloud Reader. And more true stores of women who broke the rules to come – Be on the lookout for The Mistresses. That ought to be a page turner! Click here to see Female Cross-Dressers on Amazon. And while you are there, be sure to try the “Look Inside” on Amazon to get a taste of Female Assassins and Female Spies