Balance – Staying Sane Mastering Network Marketing

For three months now I have been completely immersed in learning the techniques of effective network marketing on the internet. It’s been a real high that felt like nothing less than a honeymoon. So relieved to find the mentors with the knowledge needed for my goal, I instantly manifested a one-pointed focus bordering on obsession.

I was advised for my first task to choose one of the main big social media sites and put all my efforts there to build an internet presence, create relationships, and learn how to be of value to others. I had something to do that took me away from the endless thinking, thinking, thinking about my sorrow, a welcome and much-needed medicine. I began the process of building the relationships that would help me branch out of what had become, due to events of the past two years, a diminished life.

Slowly I met people on the same path, connecting with other network marketers on Facebook, all reaching out to help and be helped, a heady antidote to the social isolation my time of grieving had fostered. New tasks presented, requiring new skills, so I increased my research savvy. Fresh terminology flooded in, as well as a deeper understanding of social media and all the sites facilitating this phenomena: Onlywire, Digg, Mixx, Tumbler, Twitter, and many, many more. I had never even heard of social bookmarking. Now I was using it! Added to that was article marketing and the extensive training that required. Many late nights found me doing keyword research and writing.

About a week ago I started to get crabby and tired, but just ignored it. Still, I was up and at my keyboard every morning, most of the day, and into the night. It was do or die! Just at this time my company sent me an email expressing concern and compassion for this time of feeling overwhelmed and confused, assuring me it happens to everyone who sticks with it – take a breather, relax and be patient along with persistent. Who me? Overwhelmed? Confused? Nooo….I was in the zone!

I heard from a fellow networker about going in circles and I gave him the advice I had gotten (for which he thanked me heartily), “This happens to everyone, take a breather and have faith, and hang in…it will pass.” Yesterday morning I felt awful when I awoke, drank some coffee, took headache pills and plowed back in, neither listening to nor taking my own advice.

It hit me square in the face last night – had a good crying spell, put on my pj’s and crawled into bed at 9 PM. I laid there, utterly burned out. But due to the wise counsel of the most excellent mentors in my company, I knew this was predictable enough for them to judge just when their letter should be sent. So I was able to take a deep breath and know, “This too shall pass.”

I had neglected an essential part of this process – balance! I had forgotten to feed my spirit. Things I used to do regularly to rejuvinate had become a casualty of a myopic focus on the logistical aspects of learning this business. And I recalled something the founders of my company said when talking about mindset – what they loved the most about their success was not the money but the people they had become in the process.

Some of us are healing from generations of poverty culture – not an easy thing, but persistence saves the day! The overwhelm and mental exhaustion are passed through using strength drawn from commitment to see the journey through – stepping back, but not giving up, knowing when to slow down and nurture the spirit, but not quit. The journey itself teaches a new delicacy of balance. I’m learning to ride this bike!

So today I spent the day refreshing my soul, reminding myself of why I am taking this journey in the first place…love and service to those precious young ones I promised a helping hand in starting their lives. I feel gratitude for the gift of finding this path, and the gift of the wisdom to choose it. I understand the pearl hidden in this struggle, and why I would never go for a “turnkey” operation, or why I would never seek get rich quick opportunities, and why lottery winners too often fail to hold onto their sudden wealth.

If you are on this path, perhaps you too are at that point of overwhelm, feeling there is simply too much to learn, and impatient for results. I encourage you to look to the experiences of our mentors, those who like us, started from a humble place, yet built an empire. They will tell you this is a journey of personal growth which cannot be rushed, nor are there short cuts. This process transforms us at a depth and of a substance such that we expand into a genuine capacity to offer something from ourselves of real value to others.

We are developing the millionaire mind, which emerges in everyone who sticks with this process of internal transformation into a leader. The journey toward success develops persistence, focus, self-reliance, ceaseless self-improvement, true interest in the well-being of others, gratitude, and the wisdom to return to the Self to recharge – balance.

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  1. Yes Carolyn. It's very easy to get focused on new learnings that are interesting and exciting. Yes we do noeed to get away fromt he keyboard and connect with the mundane everyday life. To get outside and smell the flowers, do some exercise and refresh our minds before spending another 10 hours trying to get our heads around this new technology and making it work to build our busines.

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