Attraction Marketing Secret – Be Yourself

What is the secret to attraction marketing? When we first come into network marketing, we begin to hear about the principles of attraction marketing. And a question we all ask and must answer is, how do we present ourselves so that others will want to work with us?

We live in a society that emphasizes that appearances are everything. We learned as children how to put on the right face for the right occasion, hoping others would approve of us, like us, and we would know success. But with the maturing influences of life experience we wise up. We learn the folly of trying to build a life based on manufacturing a false self to try to please everyone. In achieving emotional balance, we finally understand that the very best way to build solid relationships is, Be Yourself.

Attraction marketing relies upon the very heart of this principle. The only way we can hope to attract others to us, who come to know, like, and trust us, is to be absolutely and authentically the best us that we can be.

Plying ourselves at learning the intricacies of network marketing begins a marvelous personal transformation. We learn how to connect with so many people. We master social media, writing articles, making videos. We learn that interacting with a helping heart produces deeply satisfying and nurturing experiences.

Most of all, the ongoing study mastering network marketing is investing in ourselves, which naturally grooms us to become more and more personally developed, more and more skillful, and have more and more to give to others.

I was recently blessed to have a new signup into my company. And I have listened to this bright young man talk about his plan for making videos, and how he is going to present himself, and I congratulated him on his profound understanding of the principles of attraction marketing.

He spoke of how he would never even talk of network marketing when he meets people. He instead will just let them get to know who he is: his noisy little children, his menagerie of dogs, his tattoos and the tattoo shop he runs, his artwork, his pet praying mantises, his rock guitar playing. He says he knows he won’t attract everyone, just those who resonate with the authentic self he puts out there. And those are the people he wants to work with. Meanwhile he is studying leaders and motivational coaches and taking trainings constantly. It’s going to be fun to watch the rise of this star. Attraction marketing at its best!

The secret of attraction marketing is to be a magnet! And the way to do that is to practice a deep personal generosity of self. Invest in personal growth, learn, expand, and be real. Be yourself! And then take the great human being you are, and you become and give it all away.

Meet the attraction marketing mentors who are grooming the rising star I wrote about and start promoting your authentic self too!

11 thoughts on “Attraction Marketing Secret – Be Yourself

  1. Carolyn, you certainly have the handle on Attraction Marketing. I probably would like the Tattoo guy after I politely told him, “are nuts putting that stuff on your body”. It a generation thing. However that aside the Attraction Marketing works and is the only way to achieve a worthy goal.

  2. I totally agree Carolyn,
    It's all about being yourself and letting people really get to know you first. Never, ever lead with your business. Give value and be interested in them first. They join because of you, not because of the company.

    Val 🙂

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you. To become more attractive, we must become a magnet. To become a magnet, we must learn how to be the best we possibly can be, think positive thoughts, and focus on the positive in life.

    Personal development is one sure way to achieve this. I love reading great books! “The Game of Life and How to Play It” by Florence Shinn is a book I highly recommend to get anyone started on becoming the type of person people like to be around and work with.


  4. Hi Carolyn,

    Great to connect with you. Thanks for sharing this with us

    I totally agree with you that being authentic in all that we do is the ultimate way to attract the right people to us so that we can help each other to succeed and grow in our journey of life. There is no other way.

    Make it a great day!
    God Bless,

  5. I agree 1000%. It is imperative for all of us to be organic at all times if we want others to be truly supportive and receptive to us and our efforts. We can surely be successful living a facade but its only a matter of time before people see through it.

  6. Hi Carolyn,

    This is so true, people can smell a fake from miles away. And you can sell all you like but people will sense that they're not getting the real deal and will not want to do business (or anything else for that matter) with you. Being authentic and being yourself, with a bit of leadership and professionalism will take you much further.



  7. Carolyn, I love what you have shared about Attraction Marketing. Particularly investing in ones self allowing for expansion and growth. It is this expansion and growth that causes people to notice you and want to connect with you. They are attracted to the transformation

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