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Romania Rocks!
Romania Rocks!

I am a born and bred Texan to the core, but my new home away from home is now Romania. In 2007, long after I raised my family, this Texas transplant was blessed to find herself in a Romania with an opportunity to help open a pathway for two precious people.

I returned to America, but the Romanian people and culture had captured my heart so powerfully, I began to dream of retiring here.

In 2009 my dream became a reality and I was able to return to stay. Though I do get homesick for my home, particularly the beautiful Southwest, I have not regretted my decision.

When I started this blog, I wanted to record my experiences, adventures, discoveries and passions, and how I found learning, growth, strength, and healing. I felt I wanted to share my life with my old friends, and my new, so it can be known that anything is possible with enough faith, determination, persistence, and the right teachers.

Now years later, I have settled into my new (and sometimes challenging) life, one that still brings me a sense of wonder daily…I am in Romania! I have been gifted with the privilege to teach conversational American English to some delightful middle school children here in my town of Bărlad. In turn, they teach me much about life, and help me with my seemingly endless struggle with the Romanian language…harder than Klingon!

Life never stops bringing new challenges, yet new doors always open. I plan to remain in Romania with my beloved adopted Romanian family, who have now grown up into fine young men. I fell in love with this country and I found happiness here with her gentle and earthy people. Life is very peaceful

A bit of personal stuff, I am a compulsive reader, and I LOVE rock music! Cooking is a great passion, as is writing. I can build computers, and websites. I obsess on computer games and I am quite lethal in Half Life! I have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, did quite a bit of grad work, and I am learning the beautiful and complex Romanian language. I have visited India, Gibraltar, England, and Bulgaria and lived in Morocco, Turkey, and Moldova. I am mother to the magnificent David, and grandmother to his precious children, Tobias and Lily. I was the proud and loving owner of Mr. Beeps, the world’s smartest chihuahua, July 1997 – April, 2011, and his tiny, lovely, brilliant mother Peaches, my little Princess, April 1994-October 2009.