4 Simple Secrets – Attract the Googlebot to your WordPress Blog

Your beautiful WordPress blog is ready to welcome the world, but blog traffic is slow to arrive.  Want to know 4 Simple Secrets to attract googlebot?   No matter how brilliant your content, unless Google “sees” it, it will languish. Set up your blog so that Google will notice your content.

Periodically Google crawls the web picking up content. You must do something to get Google’s attention.  The first 3 of these 4 solutions are to install plugins into your blog which automatically attract  googlebot’s attention.  (Plugins are not available for WordPress.com blogs)

Install and Activate 3 Powerful WordPress Plugins

Sign in to your WordPress dashboard and select Plugins from the left side menu. On your Plugins page, select Manage Plugins, then Add New.  Now you are on the Search Plugins page. In the Search Plugins bar, type in each of the following plugin names you are going to install.

1) Google XML Sitemaps – From the FAQ, “Basically a Google sitemap is a file which contains URLs and some additional information for all public pages or documents of your website. Google can read this file and add the defined pages to their index.”

  • Type Google XML Sitemaps into the search bar. Select if from the choices which appear. Install and activate.
  • Settings – Return to your blog’s plugin page. Find the new plugin and click on Settings under the description.  On the settings page, the default settings are all good. Click on Update Options. This plugin works in the background – you won’t see it.

2) Only Wire – Their FAQ states, “Auto-Syndicate your content to millions of readers with One Button.” This service is free when you install the OnlyWire plugin into your blog.  You may also be asked to install their “Submitter” into your browser. They provide instructions.

  • Sign up for your free account at onlywire.com. Log in and select My Services. (Accessible by clicking on your name after you log in) Sign up for each of the 39 services they offer by clicking on each service’s icon on the My Services page. Enter your log in information for each service. This is a bit time consuming. When you are complete, go to the bottom of the services page and save your log in information.
  • Return to your dasboard plugins page. In the search plugins bar, type Onlywire for WordPress. Select it from the resultant list and install and activate. Back on your plugins page, click on Settings under the plugin’s name; enter in your Onlywire username and password, check “Autopost All Articles,” uncheck “Autopost All Article Revisions.” Select the services you signed up for and save changes.
  • Each time you write a new post, be sure that the “Post this to Onlywire” box below the text box is selected. Posting revisions is not recommended. When you hit Publish, Onlywire automatically posts to all the services you selected.

3) Tweetmeme – This nifty little plugin puts a “Tweet” button on the upper right corner of every post on your blog, so you and your readers can Tweet and reTweet to Twitter.

  • Type Tweetmeme Retweet Button in your Search Plugins bar.  Install and activate. You will be asked for your Twitter username and password.  Now you are all set to Tweet!

Secret 4 – Post often! Google sends the googlebot out searching for new content. Frequent posting trains the googlebot to start coming back to check for updates. You don’t have to write big posts… small posts like a thought for the day are productive for when you can’t do major additions.

Using Onlywire and Tweetmeme  also provides your blog with “backlinks” – links elsewhere referring back to your original content. Google LOVES this! These 4 secrets will help you over time to get your blog content ranked higher on Google.

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