COBRA Update 12-19-2016

COBRA has been the spokesperson for the Resistance for many years. He brings hope and vital news to all of us who know in our hearts something is terribly wrong with the world, and it’s more than just bad politics. All that is requested is to consider his information with an open mind and the willingness to consider we have not been told the truth. Cobra updates and news about his work can be found at Prepare For Change.  As always, use your own best discernment.

Learn To Cuss Like A Texas Grandmother

1940s Grandmothers
1940s Grandmothers

I am utterly repelled by the current, and to my mind tragic, explosion of casual cursing,  a continual spew of horrible words so commonplace in all media, and all conversation, that it is nearly impossible to escape them.

These dreadful words are extremely crude and ugly in sound, image, and meaning –  sordid references to God, Jesus, mothers, women, body parts and functions, and intimate acts.

I offer instead a vocabulary of the expletives my grandmother Annie B (and other Texas ladies) used – colorful, charming, effective, and inoffensive.  I learned them from her and now that I am all grown up, I use them too 🙂

When I was a girl, my mother’s mother, Grandmother Annie B, lived with us. She was a tiny lady with a fierce heart and had an abiding devotion to Jesus.  I totally adored her, and she was the most significant influence in my early formation, for which I am eternally grateful.

One thing I remember so clearly about her was her colorful language. No foul word EVER fell from her lips. She employed instead a range of expressions guaranteed to bring power to the moment, but offend no one. In her day, no lady EVER cussed, and no man or child would dream of uttering a dirty word in the same room.

Genteel Expletives From My Texas Grandmother

  1. Dadgummit! I have no idea what this means, but it’s fun to say, and releases a lot of anger and frustration. See how it rolls off the tongue! ‘Course, if you are Texan, all vowels must be drawn out, even made into two. So it’s, “da a aaadgummit!” And if you are really angry, preface it with “Well, just…” All expletives can be soundly strengthened by just adding that. Dropping an egg, going off track with the sewing machine, breaking a glass, spilling food, smashing a finger, a child refusing to come inside…events that mean a mess, work, or pain.
  2. Dadgum – Her substitute for damn. “Just get in the dadgum bed now!”
  3. Lordy! She so often called up on the Lord in a tense situation. Variations…Oh Lordy! Repeated, it becomes more expressive, and when we heard her say, “Oh my Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!” we knew there was big problem for sure.
  4. Oh shoot! This was a favorite.
  5. Drat! Surely familiar to people today, yet I never hear it. Drat it! Well just drat it!
  6. Bahodelody! – Buh ho dee loady. I am guessing at the spelling. This was her word for “untrue foolishness,” which today is only described as bs. “Don’t give me a lot of bahodeelody.” Also stands well alone.
  7. Gosh Almighty!  Her way of not “calling the Lord’s name in vain.”
  8. Thunderation – What in thunderation do you think you are you doing!
  9. Oh my sweet Jesus! This was rare, and serious, and I knew she had had a shock or was suddenly very upset. This meant get quiet, there was a very adult thing happening.
  10. Good grief! I heard this one a lot. “Well just good grief!  I won’t pay that much!”
  11. Damnation! This last one belongs exclusively to my father, every bit the old-school, dignified, Texas gentleman, who every great once in awhile, uttered this when he and my mother were in a “heated discussion.” This produced in my mother silence, narrowed eyes and thin lips, and an exit from the room. I knew to head for my bedroom room and lay low.

The ladies in the photo are not my family, but she and they were cast in the same mold. (My grandmother’s photos are not here with me now) You an be certain, ladies of this ilk always conducted themselves with dignity.

Female Cross-Dressers – True Stories of Deception, Daring, And Drama

Female Cross-Dressers - Jo Tempest
Female Cross-Dressers

Female Cross-Dressers ~ True Stories of Deception, Daring, And Drama, is the third book in the Bad Girls Series – Real Tales of Women Who Broke The Rules, by Jo Tempest. Girl Power Magic Publications is a collaboration between Jo Tempest and me. She authors all the books, and then I format them for e-readers, supply the images, and get them published. We are having a lot of fun, learning about some totally incredible women, and getting to work a little Girl Power magic together.

We are announcing the release on Amazon for Kindle  Female Cross-Dressers, third in what promises to be an extensive series. This collection of real stories follows the lives of thirteen women who were forced to the extreme measure of dressing and living as men to be allowed to follow their dreams.

In Jo Tempest’s words:

“For a few, it was just a small part of their lives and then they reverted back to being a female. But for others, from the moment of setting out on their choice of a career, they took on the persona of a male and stayed with it until their deaths. They even tried to stop the discovery at the times of their deaths but were thwarted, which is why you can now read about these incredibly brave women.

Some of them experienced extreme stress from leading a life in disguise, and this often led to ill health or mental problems, and all just because they were born as a female in a male-dominated world.

In this day and age, it seems incredible that a woman could be stopped from doing something as simple as performing as a jazz musician, but that was the case just late last century. Women were stopped from becoming a doctor and instead expected to settle for the role of a nurse. It wasn’t a case of not having the academic qualities, rather it was because the profession of doctor was reserved for men only.

And of course, all these women acting in the roles of men felt they had to do a better job in their chosen career than their male counterparts, and often did! How easy their lives would have been if they had only been born a century or so later. They broke the rules so in the future, women would not be barred from following their hearts, their passion, and their dreams.” – Jo Tempest

Every time I edit one of these books about these so called “Bad Girls,” I come away in awe of their courage and their sacrifices. These startling women are unsung heroes for sure. Every story is based only on facts that have been verified. You may come away wanting more, but Jo has been meticulous to avoid writing in any elements of legend or hearsay. Because these women led such secretive lives, they left us wanting to know more than the sometimes minimal history remaining after they were gone.

There are more books in Jo’s Bad Girls Series available on Amazon for Kindle, ebook readers, and Cloud Reader. And more true stores of women who broke the rules to come – Be on the lookout for The Mistresses. That ought to be a page turner! Click here to see Female Cross-Dressers on Amazon. And while you are there, be sure to try the “Look Inside” on Amazon to get a taste of Female Assassins and Female Spies

One Year Lived – Review And Giveaway

One Year Lived Adam Shepard
One Year Lived

Recently I was given the opportunity to read and review Adam Shepard’s new book. One Year Lived. I am so very glad I got the chance to take Shepard’s remarkable journey with him. Leave a comment on this article and I will send you your own copy for free.

One Year Lived is Adam’s second book, the first being Scratch Beginnings, wherein he chronicles his attempt to live the American Dream, starting out with $25, some camping equipment, and being dropped somewhere unfamiliar in the US.

His goal was to give himself 365 days to end up integrated back into society, have $2500 in savings, a furnished apartment, and a working car – and all without turning to his college education, his credit, or his friends. He pulled it off in ten months.

So Shepard is no stranger to striking out on his own, relying only on his wits. One Year Lived is a recounting of how he made his decision and plan to see the world, saved the money, and chose his destinations. His first stop was in Central America to work with kids as a volunteer teacher. Through most of his journey he is a sort of one-man Peace Corp. During his travels he passes through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Australia, The Philippines, Spain, Auschwitz, and Poland.

Along the way he teaches kids, fights a bull and escapes, swims in various oceans, digs ditches, gets cheated, climbs pyramids, takes scary bus rides through the jungle, works on a ranch in the Outback, luxuriates in a spa, goes dancing, attends the most important boxing match of all time, witnesses the most beautiful sunset of his life, and meets THE girl.

But what really rendered this book into such a moving and visceral experience for me, was Shepard’s raw honesty about his painful insights and personal growth, his peak moments of happiness, great achievements, and the terrible mistakes he made with people along the way. It was poignant, yet refreshing to be so intimately present in his moments of self doubt, regret, and realization, as well as joyful to share his great moments. He is fearless in his courage to reveal the inner journey he took during this year. At no point does he try to look good, only human.

I highly recommend One Year Lived. I myself have lived away from my home now for fiveyears, hopefully doing some good along the way, and hopefully growing toward a being a better human being. So I resonated with much of what he wrote, especially the eye opening experiences of seeing your own home from a far perspective, and rubbing elbows with so many who see and do things differently.

If you would like to read One Year Lived for free, Adam Shepard has given me permission to give it away by download to anyone who leaves a comment on this post.

After you leave your comment on this post, then send me an email  at and put in ALL CAPITALS in the subject, ONE YEAR LIVED. Put your email address in the body and I will send you your free copy of One Year Lived, By Adam Shepard

Messages From Beyond – Crazy Blog Comments

Escher Confusion
Escher Confusion

I create and maintain many blogs and Internet marketing websites for others. Leaving comments on other blogs is a common practice by many site owners, so as to build a nice network of reciprocal help, traffic, and support. But sometimes it all goes horribly but hilariously wrong.

Why Blog Commenting?

The powerful purpose of commenting is to build community and establish real relationships based on shared help and support. Some site owners outsource, that is, hire others to do regular blog commenting. They hope to establish the social and linking benefits without having to put in the time. And commenting does take time. It’s tricky to do it that way for real and not end up just fishing for a backlink.

Site managers (like me) must periodically go through comments to weed out the fruit from the chaff. And a significant portion of that chaff is truly stunning. It is a mystery to me where many of these comments come from and what the possible reasoning could be to justify posting some of these.

Earning Pay In A Foreign Language

I can only think these kinds of comments are made by virtual assistants whose English is not their native language. I have nothing but the deepest admiration for anyone struggling to learn a foreign language and who has the incredible courage to try to write something intelligible with as yet little mastery. As an aside, I am striving to learn Romanian right now and I can tell you most of the time I feel like an idiot and I am quite sure I sound like one…though my Romanian friends are nothing but helpful and gracious.

Back to comments – occasionally one comes along where the brilliant but bizarre arrangement of words is so amazing, you can only stand in awe. Often they are not wrong, just so spectacularly weird!

I can picture myself sitting at my computer with my smattering of Romanian and a dictionary and trying to write something sensible and how a Romanian might fall down laughing at my creative mistakes. So…this is all in respectful, good humor.

I decided to share the fun and post some of these pearls. I will keep this page regularly updated as these jewels continue to come in. Enjoy, and you will have to admit…they are quite brilliant. And please, always look with a kind eye on anyone brave enough to try to earn a living writing in a foreign language.

Blog Comments From Beyond

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More to come!